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HIS Sign Interpreter Screener


Dear Prospective Candidate,


HIS Sign, LLC is your best resources for American Sign Language interpreting services in the Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, D. C. areas. We are committed to providing valuable interpreting services to the deaf community, the business community and the interpreting community.


HIS Sign is currently seeking to hire an Interpreter Screener that meets or exceeds the following requirements.






Scope of Work


Contractor will review screening videos of applicants to assess the skill level and professionalism of independent

contractors interested in providing interpreting services through HIS Sign Applicant Screening Assessment (ASA).


Contractor will view the videos and document their professional assessment of the applicant based on the criteria

found in the ASA form provided by HIS Sign. Comments should be extensive and will be used by the HIS Sign

Scheduling department to match up the applicant with the needs of Deaf consumers.


The applicant videos are to be assessed by the screener remotely.

Contractor will make assessments on:



Responses to three (3) Ethical Questions

A video showing the applicant Interpreting

A video showing the applicant Voicing

A video showing the applicant Interpreting and Voicing (Interactive)

Supplemental assessment and mentoring follow-up conversations


Desired Qualifications


RID or NAD Level 4 or 5 certification

Strong Signing and voicing skills

Able to code switch to match the needs of consumers

Strong understanding of ASL and Deaf culture

Experience in broad range of industries (education, medical, government, etc.)

Have a strong understanding of the English language

Strong communication, analytical and problem solving skills

Strong articulation of interpreter’s skills

Interpersonal skills and ability to interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds

Proficient on a Windows-based computer and with Microsoft Office Products

Ability to work independently but as a team player

Pass a National Background Check


Compensation and Work Location


Contractor will be paid for each ASA that is completed by the contracted due date. Work will be done at

the physical location of your choosing. A private room should be utilized when viewing the videos to

protect the privacy of the interpreters.


To be considered for this position, please send your resume and a cover letter to Ilene Breneman at .


Contact Us

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VP:  571-252-5387

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