Protect Your Future with Professional Liability Insurance

Why This Is So Important

As Independent contractors, you have the same legal liability and risks as agencies and larger firms. Such liabilities can lead to financial losses. If you work in high risk settings such as mental & behavioral health, medical and legal settings (just to name a few), you should seriously consider protecting your livelihood with a Professional Liability Insurance policy.

What are the Benefits?

Also known as “Errors and Omissions Insurance”, Professional Liability Insurance protects you were someone to sue you as a result of you providing interpreting services. Whether you provided those services as a direct hire, or through an agency, you are covered. Professional Liability Insurance policies typically provide coverage for the following:

  • Actual or alleged errors
  • Omissions
  • Professional negligence
  • Breach of duty
  • Misleading statements
  • Claims resulting from substandard work

How to Obtain Professional Liability Insurance

We recommend that you speak with a licensed insurance broker to obtain information on policy details and customized options to address your specific needs to protect your livelihood. While HIS Sign does not endorse any specific insurance agency, we have obtained referrals provided below, for your convenience (HIS Sign receives no compensation from the listed providers).


Gary Meyer



Stacy Tucker



Tony Spargo



HIS Sign Compliance

If you have a policy, and would like to receive job broadcasts when one of our customers’ requests an insured interpreter (which they often do), send your certificate of insurance information to HIS Sign must be listed as the certificate holder as well as being an additional insured. Please note, this is a common request and does not give HIS Sign any rights under your certificate. The certificate simply establishes that the policy exists.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak,

HIS Sign is now offering Virtual Interpreting Services (VIS) to assist our clients and the deaf community.