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  • West Virginia Assignments
    • Working interpreters in WV must meet the state’s standards for qualifications and be registered with the West Virginia Registry of Interpreters (WVRI). This is available for anyone who has an EIPA 3.0+, VQAS 2-2 or higher or RID Certification. Please go to West Virginia Registry of Interpreters and fill out the form. Once you have your license, send a copy to and we will update your profile.
  • Baltimore City Public Schools
    • This school district requires a background check and fingerprinting prior to receiving assignments. For more information or to begin the compliancy process in working in BCPS please email
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
    • If you are interested in working in Montgomery County, Maryland, please send us an email. This school district requires fingerprinting and an online training course.
    • For more information or to begin the compliancy process please email
  • Inova Hospitals
    • INOVA assignments are available evenings and nights during the weekdays and through-out the weekend. If medical interpreting fits your profile, please send email to, and note INOVA in the subject line. On-Call shifts allow interpreters to stay at home while being available to go to the hospital on short notice.
  • Government Clearance
    • HIS Sign needs cleared interpreters to work for a government agency in the DMV area! If you currently hold a government clearance of any type, please send us an email at
  • Cued Speech
    • We are currently looking for interpreters who can use Cued Speech in the classroom or in a business setting. If you know Cued Speech or anyone who would be interested in doing assignments requiring this skill please contact
    • If you are not skilled in cueing but are interested in learning, please let us know so we can provide resources for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at, you guessed it:

We look forward to hearing from you!

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak,

HIS Sign is now offering Virtual Interpreting Services (VIS) to assist our clients and the deaf community.