The Purpose of CART & TypeWell Services

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Speech-to-text services provide tremendous value to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals. These technologies—including Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) and TypeWell—help create equal communication access for Hearing and Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing individuals through verbatim translation and concept transcription. Improve accessibility at your business/organization today by seeking professional CART and TypeWell services from HIS Sign.

HIS Sign specializes in onsite and virtual ASL Interpreting, TypeWell, and CART services. Our real-time speech-to-text services are available for classrooms, meetings, conferences, and several other settings. Furthermore, our team provides 24/7 availability to fit your schedule. HIS Sign offers competitive rates, including a full-year discount on TypeWell services for new accounts. Visit our website to learn more and reach out to us.

Below, we describe the nuances of CART & TypeWell services as well as their functions:

Verbatim Translation

CART and Typewell Services Arlington VA

CART and TypeWell services provide text-based accommodations for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities as well as people with autism, auditory processing disorders, and other communication needs. However, each technology suits specific needs and situations.

CART involves verbatim—or word-for-word—translation of material by way of a stenograph machine, transcriber, and software. With CART, the transcriber converts spoken words into readable text displayed on a screen, enabling audience members or participants to follow along. The text can be directed to an individual via computer or projected on-screen for a large audience.

This speech-to-text service suits content containing technical vocabulary that lends itself to text. Examples include technical or scientific learning material and legal discourse. CART also helps in conversational settings or discussion-based learning. 

Transcribers at HIS Sign maintain 98% accuracy and can type at the rate of 250-260 words per minute. We can also offer a transcript within 24 hours of the translation service. Request CART services with HIS Sign today!

Concept Transcription

TypeWell involves conceptual transcription, produced by a transcriber using specialized TypeWell software. The transcription from this technology interprets concepts for the audience rather than offering a word-for-word translation. As such, fewer words are used. A simultaneous transcript is delivered in real-time to any electronic device with internet access, thus enabling the reader to participate. 

HIS Sign offers TypeWell services for colleges and university classes, secondary education, business meetings, conferences, and more. It is best for the 4th-grade level and beyond. Request TypeWell services with HIS Sign today!

HIS Sign: Flexible CART and TypeWell Services in Arlington, VA

HIS Sign offers professional sign language interpreting, CART, and TypeWell services in Arlington, VA. With over 30 years of professional experience, the HIS Sign team is dedicated to improving communication access through skilled transcribers, excellent customer service, and advanced technology. Contact us by calling (877) 458-7408 to learn more about HIS Sign and our ASL, TypeWell, and CART services. 


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