4 Types of Interpreter Specialization

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Seeking certification or sharpening their craft represents a part of ASL interpreters and translators’ professional journeys. Often, they also pursue a degree or in-depth exposure to an industry or field, such as education, performing arts, law, or healthcare. Doing so can better serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH) communities in these fields. Sign language interpreting services can also match these interpreters’ skills and knowledge to clients who require them.

Organizations and individuals throughout Arlington, VA, can turn to HIS Sign for just such services. We offer onsite and virtual ASL Interpreting, TypeWell, and CART services to schools, government agencies, commercial businesses, and other entities. In addition to flexible options, HIS Sign seeks to provide qualified and experienced interpreters, affordable rates, and helpful resources. For more information or to request an interpreter, visit our website or call (877) 458-7408.

Below, we outline some prevalent interpreter specializations:

1. Education

Given that virtually all interpreters enjoy working with and helping people, it follows that education is a common specialization. Indeed, educational interpreters are critical aspects of many school environments, from early-childhood to collegiate-level classrooms.

These professionals act as a guide for Deaf/HOH students, interpreting teachers’ lessons and instructions so that individuals requiring accommodations have equal access to these resources as their Hearing classmates. These interpreters also monitor the comprehension and increase the social engagement of Deaf/HOH students.

However, schools nationwide report a shortage of trained and qualified educational interpreters, especially since the Covid pandemic. If you need support, contact our interpreting team to explore your options. 

2. Performing Arts

Over the past few decades, mass media and the entertainment industry have made enormous strides in Deaf/HoH representation. Critically-acclaimed features (Best Picture-winner CODA) and successful blockbusters (Marvel’s Eternals) have featured Deaf characters and performers in prominent roles. Equal access to entertainment has increased too—though more work is necessary.

The commitment to accessibility creates a demand for entertainment and theatre interpreters. Although it may strike individuals outside Deaf communities as niche, performing arts interpreting is a lively specialization and field of study. It presents a unique challenge: the interpreting professional must convey information and emotion during their movements.

3. Law

As with education, legal interpreting answers a critical need—yet the field faces a shortage of qualified providers. For instance, a mere 7% of interpreters in Texas can fulfill the requirements of legal interpretation. Thus, these professionals are in high demand.

This specialization requires particular skills and knowledge, as legal interpreters must transmit complex information in demanding situations. Moreover, numerous individuals—lawyers, plaintiffs, defendants, and more—may need these services.

4. Healthcare

ASL interpreters and Translators Arlington VA

As with the specializations mentioned above, healthcare interpreting encapsulates a cross-section of needs and knowledge. Generally, medical professionals must convey crucial details about patients’ conditions and gather information from those patients. An interpreter can facilitate communications between Deaf/HoH patients and their care providers.

In general, interpreters in this field focus on doctor-patient interactions. Nevertheless, interpreters may also work with family members or patient representatives as the situation dictates. Furthermore, they may clarify the social expectations about their role concerning the patient.

Professional ASL Interpreters and Translators Now Available in Arlington, VA

No matter how they adapt their expertise and abilities, ASL interpreters and translators have a critical role in numerous fields and aspects of society. Therefore, HIS Sign Interpreting works with a staff of professional interpreters to help individuals and organizations in Arlington, VA. In addition to onsite and virtual ASL Interpreting, we offer TypeWell and CART services. For more information or interpreter resources, please visit our website or call (877) 458-7408.

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