How to Improve Deaf Accessibility in the Workplace

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All employees and attendees should feel welcome to participate in meetings or conferences, regardless of their ability. Accessibility is thus vital to creating an inclusive environment for everyone, yet the Deaf community’s needs are easy to overlook. Still, thanks to recent efforts for inclusivity and the rise of remote jobs, interpreters for the Deaf and other accessibility measures have become sought after. Therefore, business owners should learn how to improve Deaf accessibility in the workplace.

HIS Sign Interpreting provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters skilled in corporate settings. Our services can help your Deaf employees, clients, and customers receive equitable opportunities to communicate and share their ideas. By choosing HIS Sign, you’re not only investing in accessibility but also establishing yourself as a company that values diversity and inclusion. For ASL and CART services in West Virginia, call us at (877) 458-7408.

Below, we discuss several ways to create a Deaf-accessible workplace:

Implement ASL Interpreters

To begin, incorporate on-hand ASL interpreters to aid communication with Deaf employees. Many businesses have already introduced sign language interpretation services during meetings and events. Yet why not hire interpreters for day-to-day interactions like video calls or spoken conversations? Such professionals can be especially helpful in doctor’s offices and courtroom settings, as both require sharing critical information.

Create and Distribute Written Materials in Advance

Next, provide Deaf employees with written materials on the content of meetings, presentations, and training sessions to ensure they understand the materials. Doing so can also assist the unique interactions between ASL translators, Deaf individuals, and Hearing team members. Written transcripts or summaries help fill gaps in understanding. Sharing these materials with translators allows these professionals to prepare for critical meetings and conversations.

Invest in Video Relay Services

Another way to make your workplace more accessible for the Deaf community, use interpreted video relay services. Such services enable Deaf employees to communicate with Hearing team members over a video call via an online interpreter. These services help Deaf employees feel integral to the team despite the physical distance between themselves and other team members.

Consider Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is an excellent resource for promoting the inclusion of Deaf community members. This category includes captioned video services, instant messaging, and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART). Such technology makes communication more comfortable for individuals requiring hearing, vision, or speech accommodations.

Train Other Employees

Interpreters for the Deaf West Virginia

You can achieve a robust, inclusive workplace culture when everyone feels valued and respected. To reach this stage, emphasize the importance of the Deaf community’s needs. Offer training sessions that cover how to use interpreters and technology to ensure clear communication. Doing so can help Hearing coworkers better understand and accommodate Deaf co-workers in their day-to-day interactions. 

Hire Interpreters for the Deaf in West Virginia

Fostering an inclusive workplace that makes everyone feel welcome and respected boosts your company’s productivity, inclusivity, and innovation. HIS Sign offers a team of expert interpreters for the Deaf to companies in West Virginia. With our help, you can enable your Deaf employees and other stakeholders to do their best work and feel included. Contact HIS Sign to learn more about our ASL and CART services at (877) 458-7408.

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