Why Healthcare Providers Need Interpreting Services

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Hearing and Deaf individuals alike need—and deserve—complete access to their diagnoses and treatment options. Nevertheless, without appropriate accommodations, the Deaf community faces accessibility barriers to the information physicians and medical staff describe. Moreover, the medical field’s technical complexity necessitates ASL interpreting services familiar with the terminology and knowledge to deliver accurate information. Yet by hiring qualified providers, medical professionals can reduce miscommunication and misdiagnosis, facilitate patients’ awareness, mitigate anxiety, and more. In doing so, they ensure the same quality of service for all patients.

HIS Sign Interpreting employs American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters specializing in medical and educational interpreting. Our services can help Deaf patients receive vital medical information, bridge the accessibility gap, and encourage everyone to care for themselves. With HIS Sign’s support, practices throughout the DMV can deliver a diverse and inclusive environment for medical practitioners. To employ ASL and CART services in Columbia, MD, call (877) 458-7408.

Below, we discuss the benefits of ASL interpreting services in the healthcare industry

Reduction of Misdiagnoses 

Medical ASL interpreting can drastically improve the accuracy of a diagnosis. Deaf patients who lack an interpreter face a much greater chance of missing critical details in the mass of information physicians provide. Even if they catch all the details, Deaf patients may struggle to understand them without the clarifications that an interpreter can provide.

On the other hand, patients can describe their symptoms in greater detail with the help of an interpreter. Misdiagnoses pose a massive issue to hospitals, leading to mistreatment and inaccurate information for the patient. Lawsuits and increased expenses are also a concern. Therefore, ASL interpreting can ensure the safety and well-being of all parties through.

Greater Patient Awareness 

A patient must remain informed about their health every step of the way to give consent for treatment. Clear communication is necessary to maintain accuracy at an annual check-up or a specialist’s treatment session. The ASL interpreter opens up critical lines of communication. 

Patients can then ask questions regarding their diagnosis, treatment options, and later courses of action. A professional medical interpreter can relay medical terms and explain them in the process, thus allowing the patient to remain aware of their health situation. 

Anxiety Mitigation

Patients with an accessibility need or language barrier may undergo significant anxiety during medical procedures. Such obstacles can create insecurities and nervousness for those experiencing communication difficulties. Thus, an ASL interpreter and translator can reduce Deaf patients’ anxiety levels when receiving a diagnosis or medical treatment.

Compliance with Regulations

According to Title VI and the Americans with Disabilities Act, healthcare providers must ensure non-discrimination and comply with inclusive regulations. Such laws protect providers—so long as they allow their patients to be equally informed and receive the same level of communication.

Unbiased Translation

ASL Interpreting Services Columbia

ASL interpreters and translators relay a message word-for-word. Therefore, medical providers can rest assured that no external influences or biases influence their communications with a patient. Deaf individuals who rely on family members or friends for interpretation risk receiving biased and emotionally charged messages. A professional ASL interpreter provides more objective communication and allows patients to make personal decisions and consider all treatment options. 

ASL Interpreting Services Available in Columbia, Maryland

Healthcare providers should keep their patients at the forefront of their services. Therefore, they must hire ASL interpreting services specifically for the healthcare industry. HIS Sign offers a team of expert interpreters for the Deaf to companies in Columbia, MD. With our help, you can allow your Deaf patients to receive the best healthcare possible. Contact HIS Sign to learn more about our ASL and CART services at (877) 458-7408.

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