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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Below are some of the frequently asked questions we've received.

Why does HIS Sign collect a resume and bio and how is it used?

HIS Sign partners with the freelance interpreters that sign on to provide services through us.  To this end, one of our responsibilities includes the pursuit of new contracts to provide work for our freelance interpreters.  HIS Sign collects your resume and BIO and will use this information in the solicitation of contracts.  You benefit from these efforts because when we win a contract, there is more work available for you.  If you prefer not to have your information included in this process, you may opt-out by letting us know of your desires by sending an email note to

When attempting to submit my application on it was not saved?

When an applicant tries to fill out an online application there are several things that can cause problems:

• They might be applying to the wrong site.  Your site is http//  A lot of times applicants will forget the name of a company or the address to apply to and so they do a Google Search and submit to the wrong site.

• There may be an issue with their browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) settings.  For example, if they have disabled JavaScript that can cause a lot of problems in using eRSP.  For specific troubleshooting they would need to check with a computer technician.

• They may be trying to apply using their phone and lost an internet connection.  This happens a lot actually and they don’t realize the connection to the internet was dropped.  This happens most frequently when using 3G or 4G, if they lose the internet and submit the application form none of the data can be saved.

• Lastly, another common issue is the Captcha at the bottom of the Online Application.  This is where the applicant needs to enter the letters and numbers displayed correctly in order to submit the application.  This is to prove they are human and prevents automated spam bots from generating  false prospects.



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