Captioning & Transcription Services in Baltimore, Maryland

With the explosion of recorded videos, HIS Sign can provide transcription and captioning services to its clients in Baltimore, MD. Transcription and captioning each have their own use, benefits, and requirements. Yet, they can also work together to create audio and video content that is accurate, accessible, and user-friendly. Our captioning and transcription team at HIS Sign can provide customizable solutions to match the unique needs of our customers across Baltimore, MD.

Premier Captioning & Transcription Services

HIS Sign provides high quality captioning and transcription services in Baltimore, MD. The services work together to provide access to audio and video content. Transcription converts speech or audio into written text. Captioning then divides transcript text into caption frames to synchronize timing with the audio. Captioning has numerous benefits:

The HIS Sign Advantage

HIS Sign leads the industry with our premier services and technology coupled with our superior customer service that is accurate, responsive, and affordable.  

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Accurate captions allow Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing viewers to have an equivalent experience which follows the ADA and Rehabilitation Act. Captioning also allows all viewers to watch live and pre-recorded videos even when in a sound sensitive environment.

See how captioning and transcriptions at HIS Sign can be a viable communication tool for you. Take the 90 second learning challenge and watch this video to learn more!

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In response to the Covid-19 outbreak,

HIS Sign is now offering Virtual Interpreting Services (VIS) to assist our clients and the deaf community.