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2022 Gratitude

Brian Hammrich | CEO I am so grateful for my family, at this time of the year for the impact my parents had on my life. I spent this past week in South Dakota with my Mom (my Dad passed in June of 2021) doing projects, shopping, and just being together. More than likely I have gained weight since we cooked together as well. I am forever grateful for all

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Interpreters for the Deaf Washington DC

The “Deaf President Now” Movement

When they hear “civil rights advocacy,” most people think of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his peaceful protests for African American equality. However, the civil rights struggle extends to all marginalized groups, including disabled people’s communities. The Deaf community has a long history of advocacy work, such as its late-1980s activities referred to as the “Deaf President Now” movement. Throughout such efforts, interpreters for the Deaf have played a

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Impacting an Industry HIS Sign Interpreting

Impacting an Industry: Walking the Talk – Challenged by COVID

HIS Sign’s mission statement for hiring is “We want you to work here for the rest of your career!” However, that mission was tested on Monday, March 16th,  2020, when the world shut down! Enjoying a Vacation During the week of March 9-13, 2020, my wife, Christina, and I were up in Maine on vacation. Things were going well, and Jen Ilgenfritz, our Finance Manager and a member of the

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ASL interpreters and Translators Arlington VA

4 Types of Interpreter Specialization

Seeking certification or sharpening their craft represents a part of ASL interpreters and translators’ professional journeys. Often, they also pursue a degree or in-depth exposure to an industry or field, such as education, performing arts, law, or healthcare. Doing so can better serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH) communities in these fields. Sign language interpreting services can also match these interpreters’ skills and knowledge to clients who require

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HoH Teaching Strategies Fredericksburg VA

How Educational Interpreting Can Assist You

Educational interpreters are a crucial part of any collegiate classroom or setting that hosts Deaf individuals. Specifically, interpreters use Hard of Hearing or HoH teaching strategies to make classroom information accessible for Deaf students, spurring them to get involved in academic activities. In doing so, educational interpreters work with mainstream Hearing teachers and Deaf educators to afford equal educational opportunities. HIS Sign is an industry-leading provider of sign language interpreting

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Sign Language Interpreter Washington DC

6 Self-Care Tips for ASL Interpreters

The sign language interpreter business offers a fair share of benefits and challenges. While rewarding, this experience can also be strenuous for your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you are a part of this industry, try taking time out of your day to practice self-care. Doing so can help you to stay refreshed and engaged in what you do. Additionally, turn to HIS Sign Interpreting for a collection of ASL

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