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7 Situations In Which ASL Interpreting Can Help

The hearing population tends to overlook many circumstances that present difficulties to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Job interviews, professional conferences, sports games/practices, and traveling may pose challenges for non-Hearing folks. Nevertheless, accessibility options–such as an English to ASL Interpreter or Translator–can help Deaf/HOH individuals overcome barriers and receive equal footing. Organizational leaders, then, should turn to a local provider of interpreting services. Businesses and individuals around Leesburg, VA,

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How to Help Make Entertainment More Deaf-Accessible

Television, movies, and theater are great platforms for universal messages of friendship, kindness, and acceptance of others. However, these media–and other forms of entertainment–have historically lacked accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. Although there have been efforts to amend this oversight, Deaf advocates continue working for improvements. Professional organizations–such as Cart Service Providers–seek widespread captioning and assistive technology use, content featuring Deaf/HOH actors, and more.  Such an

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Different Types of Sign Language

According to the Ethnologue Languages of the World, around 142 sign languages are in use worldwide. But the small variations and mixtures of dialects, which can arise in single communities, make it difficult to pin down an exact number. This uncertainty tells us that sign languages are as complex and fickle as their spoken counterparts. Thus, professional ASL Interpreting Services invest significant time and attention to understanding and applying these

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ASL Remote Video Interpreting Services

Impacting an Industry | Introduction

When a drop of water falls into a pond, it ripples outwards – changing the water around it. In the interpreting industry – focused on providing equal access services for the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and sign language users – there are many individuals and organizations that have had a profound impact on our industry, shaping policies, training service providers, making ripples and affecting change. With this new series, ‘Impacting an Industry’

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How Teachers Can Help Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

According to the CDC, hearing loss affects 14.9% of children in the United States. While hearing loss may vary from mild to severe, students who are Deaf and hard of hearing encounter unique challenges in classroom settings. However, with the proper accommodations, including ASL video remote interpreting, TypeWell, and CART services–provided by their Northern Virginia teachers, they can achieve academic success.  At HIS Sign, our ASL interpreters provide support for

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Types of Auxiliary Aids for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Auxiliary devices/services help Deaf and hard of hearing individuals with their everyday activities and interactions. But what qualifies as an auxiliary aid? And how do such things work? With these devices–including telephone handset amplifiers, Video Remote Interpreting, and more–Deaf individuals achieve greater independence. These aids help create a more equitable and inclusive society. For more ASL and Deaf community resources, reach out to HIS Sign Interpreting. We are an ASL

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