The team at HIS Sign deeply values the partnership we have with our interpreters. In recognition of all the hard work you have done to assist in making HIS Sign the agency we are today, we are very proud to announce that beginning August 1, 2022 the base rate for all interpreters will be increased by $5.00 per hour.

It is our hope that this base rate increase will strengthen the partnership between HIS Sign and our trusted subcontract interpreters. We look forward to increased opportunities to work with each of you in the weeks, months, and years to come!


This base rate increase applies to all certified and non-certified sign language interpreters and Cued Speech Translators (CLTs). This base rate increase does not apply to CART Providers, Spoken Language Translators, or TypeWell Transcribers.

No, our Scheduling Department will handle all of the administration. All you have to do is reflect this rate in your invoice submitted to for any assignments worked as of August 1st.

The Scheduling Department will manually update all assignment rates as of August 1st. Please be patient as it make take us a few days to get all assignments updated in eRSP.

All invoiced assignments worked from August 1 – 14 will be paid in the direct deposit dated August 26.

Yes.  The $5.00 rate increase applies to your base rate as explained in the Independent Contractor Service Agreement (ICSA). Differential rates are applicable for qualified assignments as broadcast in the Statement of Work (SOW).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Scheduling Department at