TypeWell - a Live Transcription Service Offered by HIS Sign!

TypeWell Customer FAQ's

TypeWell is an advanced abbreviation software program that allows a transcriber to capture the essence of spoken content and generates a transcript for the consumer to view in real-time using any electronic device with internet access.

This service has become widely popular in the classroom setting and is an immensely powerful resource for students to use as study material. 

The transcriber will send the transcript to the consumer via email no later than 24 hours after class.
If the consumer is a K-12 student, they will receive their transcripts the same day.

TypeWell is ideal for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. TypeWell can also be used for those with autism, cerebral palsy, Asperger’s and other auditory processing disorders or disabilities as well as English as a second language (ESL) speakers.

This service is used in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, business meetings, conferences and more!

CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) is a word-for-word transcription service. CART is often used in situations like courtroom proceedings, broadcast television and other settings where a strict verbatim record is necessary.

TypeWell conveys meaning-for-meaning text of spoken content to allow the consumer to quickly process the speaker’s message.  TypeWell leaves out any utterances, redundant phrases, or false starts that are not vital to the spoken content and relays the speaker’s intonation, and other non-verbal communication cues.

HIS Sign offers both CART and TypeWell and can assist you with determining the best service for your needs!

TypeWell rates are typically significantly lower than that of a CART provider.

Contact HIS Sign today for rates and to learn more about our current TypeWell discount for new customers!

For quality assurance and to protect the health and safety of our transcribers, a team of two providers will be required for any assignment that is 90 minutes or longer, or is highly technical in nature. Charges are applicable for each transcriber. Any exceptions will be discussed with your HIS Sign Speech-to-Text Manager when schedules or requests are submitted.

No. If you have multiple students enrolled in the same class, you will not need multiple providers. The transcribers can simultaneously transmit the same transcript to multiple consumers.

Yes! TypeWell has a program called Math mode. Math mode allows the transcriber to quickly transcribe the equation using the symbols and characters just as it is seen on the blackboard or in a textbook. Below is a brief video that shows the transcript created by a transcriber in a math class: 

TypeWell Demo – Math Class

Yes. TypeWell has a “chat box’ which allows the transcriber and consumer to communicate. When onsite, the consumer can type their question/comment in this box and the transcriber would then speak on their behalf.

Yes! The consumer and the transcriber connect wirelessly.  To support the privacy and independence of the consumer, the transcriber can set up separately from the consumer so that there is no interaction at all.

Transcribers can provide services onsite or remotely as requested by the customer.  HIS Sign currently provides onsite services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, DC and West Virginia.  We are constantly recruiting and training transcribers to expand our network.  For services outside of the metropolitan DC area, we offer remote services.  Remote TypeWell services are user-friendly and affordable.  We are happy to provide a demo to show how this works!

Minimal equipment is needed.  Typically, a microphone is needed to amplify the speaker, and the consumer will need a reader to receive the transcript in real-time.  Any electronic device with internet access can be used as a reader – including a smart phone!  HIS Sign provides the software necessary and can recommend any equipment needed on the consumer end. 

We are happy to offer a free demonstration of TypeWell.  To ensure availability, we recommend scheduling your demo before the start of the semester which is our busy season. 

You are welcome to invite any students or consumers you think would benefit from the service as well as any members of your Disability Support Services office.  In addition, many teachers, professors, staff, and parents have benefited from this demo, so they know what to expect.  To request a demo, contact the HIS Sign Speech-to-Text Manager today by emailing TypeWell@HISsign.com!