HIS Sign, LLC provides a full suite of communication access services to clients across every industry

Onsite ASL Services

HIS Sign provides regular sign language interpreting services to education establishments, Federal, State and Local government agencies and contractors, large and diverse hospital systems and small doctors’ offices as well as private business.

TypeWell Services

TypeWell provides equal, accurate and real-time speech-to-text transcription services. TypeWell is ideal for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities as well as people with autism, auditory processing disorders, and other communication needs.

Captioning & Transcription Services

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CART Services

The CART service is referred to as real-time captioning and results in the display of everything that is being said, word for word on a computer, television or projection screen.

Spoken Language Services

Now being offered by HIS Sign both Over the Phone (OPI) and through VRI. Affordable solutions for effective communication between you and your foreign speaking customers!