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Applicant FAQ's

Active Interpreters FAQ's

Tax Related FAQ's

Applicant FAQ

While HIS Sign seeks to support emerging interpreters, we do not have any mentoring or internship programs at this time.  We encourage you to continue to pursue your career as a sign language interpreter and hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

While HIS Sign encourages interpreters to pursue certification, we do work with non-certified interpreters.  However, all our interpreters must successfully pass our screening and evaluation conducted by our third-party vendor which confirms that an interpreter is skilled and qualified to provide services.  Please note, non-certified interpreters will only receive notification of work opportunities that do not require certification.

We accept EIPA, VQAS and RID certifications.  You are welcome to have multiple certifications on file.

If an interpreter is interested in working for the public-school system in Virginia, they must have an EIPA 3.5+, VQAS III, or RID.

West Virginia allows non-residents to work in the state up to 10 days without being registered with the state. Certain assignments such as education, require an interpreter to be registered with the state. To read more about the West Virginia Registry of Interpreters (WVRI) please go to https://www.wvdhhr.org/wvcdhh/interpreters.cfm.

Yes, we are constantly looking to grow our pool of CSTs with a focus for classroom and business settings.  If you have cued speech experience, please visit https://hissign.com/applicant/ to register today!  Currently, we do not have a screening in place to assess cueing proficiency, so we rely on references, your documented experience, and workshops certificates if applicable.  Please note, some school systems require certification for CSTs.  For more information, feel free to contact us!

Congratulations on passing the written exam, however the written portion does not count as certification from RID. An interpreter must have their RID card showing they passed the written exam as well as the performance test in order to be recognized as nationally certified.

HIS Sign provides interpreting services to Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and West Virginia.  In addition, we occasionally receive requests for out of town events.  If you do not live here, but commute to the area on a regular basis you can still apply.

We are currently in the process of setting up a pool of VRI interpreters with our sub-contractors that provide regular service for our customers.  If you’d like to be added to our growing list, please contact us at Registration@HISsign.com.

There are six steps in the HIS Sign application process. Please click on link https://hissign.com/applicant/ to begin the registration process today!

All background checks are processed through Verified First, 100% FCRA (Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant. The system is safe and secure.  All results are the property of HIS Sign and will be kept secure and confidential in our in-house password protected and encrypted database. 

HIS Sign believes in quality interpreters providing quality service. HIS Sign performs an interview and screening to evaluate the applicant’s interpreting skills and assess the types of jobs will best fit the interpreter and our customers. 

With interpreter convenience in mind, we conduct remote screenings that applicants may join from the comfort of their home.  Please note, you will need a computer with a camera and a strong internet connect with the ability to access your Skype account, email, and YouTube.  Headphones and a quiet environment are strongly encouraged to conduct your screening. 

Currently, there is no remote screening for Deaf interpreters.  HIS Sign accepts CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter).  Go to link https://hissign.com/applicant/ to register today!

Adobe Sign is an e-signature site for documents and forms. HIS Sign uses their services to send registration documents requiring a signature.  It is free, secure and easy to use!

Eventbrite is a ticketing platform. The HIS Sign Remote Screening Interview is reserved on Eventbrite.  Upon successful completion of required registration documents, you will be invited to schedule a screening at http://www.hissign.eventbrite.com/

If the times on Eventbrite do not match your availability, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Active Interpreter FAQ

The scheduling department uses a variety of methods to fill jobs.  Most jobs are broadcast through our online scheduling tool, eRSP.  You can designate to have these broadcasts sent to you as an email, text, or both.  In addition, HIS Sign may reach out to interpreters individually via text or email to fill jobs.  In addition, you may view our Available Jobs webpage for open assignments over the next two weeks.  Please contact TerpAdmin@hissign.com if you would like to discuss or accept any assignments.

When replying directly to a broadcast sent via eRSP, you can only reply “Y” or “Yes” / “N” or “No”. The system will not recognize any other type of response.  However, once you reply, if the job is still available, you will get a reply email saying “Broadcast Accepted”.  If the assignment has been filled, you will get a reply email saying “Visit Unavailable”.  Please do not confirm yourself for any assignment although the system will prompt you to do so.  This is an automatic reply feature that we cannot deactivate.  Once you are officially confirmed by the scheduling department, you will receive an official email confirmation from eRSP with your rate.

Log into eRSP (www.hissign.ersp.biz) and view the assignment details for any assignment you have been confirmed for.  If you would like additional details prior to accepting an assignment, please contact TerpAdmin@hissign.com.

HIS Sign is in the process of setting up a pool of VRI interpreters.  If you are interested in being added to our list of VRI interpreters, please sent us your information to TerpAdmin@hissign.com.  We will contact you when we are ready to begin using our VRI interpreter pool.

Invoices should be submitted to Invoices@hissign.com.  Invoices should be submitted on a weekly basis (no later than Sunday at 5P for the recent week).  However, if you prefer, you may invoice per job.  Failure to send invoices in a timely manner may jeopardize payment for any incidental expenses or extensions.

Interpreters are paid bi-weekly. I have attached the independent contractor pay schedule for the current year.  Please view this link for the current contractor pay schedule.

Mileage reimbursement depends on each customer.  Every job broadcast will indicate if a customer is reimbursing for mileage.  Any approved mileage or travel reimbursements should be submitted on your invoice with any applicable receipts.  When reimbursed, mileage is paid at the current IRS reimbursement rate and is applicable for your roundtrip mileage to/from your home and the assignment location.

HIS Sign will send a 1099 form by January 31st of the tax-filing year to all independent contractors that provided services and were compensated $600 or more during the year.  If your total payment compensation was below $600, you may not receive a 1099, however you are required to report your compensation to the IRS as self-employment compensation. 

Your 1099 includes any compensation earned during the year.  Any compensation including mileage, parking, and/or any other reimbursements will be included in your 1099 non-employee compensation.

All interpreters are expected to follow the RID Code of Professional Conduct with regard to professional dress and grooming.  Of course, if the nature of an assignment dictates a more casual or more formal dress code, interpreters should adjust accordingly.   If you have a question about a specific assignment, please contact TerpAdmin@hissign.com.

We do not require interpreters to use a badge.  You may be required to show personal identification to access some locations as a security measure. 

All interpreters should identify themselves as a HIS Sign interpreter when providing services to our customers. 

To minimize any confusion, we discourage interpreters from using their personal business cards while providing services to HIS Sign customers.  We can provide you with a supply of HIS Sign business cards for your use.  If desired, please contact TerpAdmin@hissign.com to request a supply to be mailed to you.

HIS Sign has often used Discount Rates for the benefit of customers and interpreters.  Discount rates are applied to customer assignments that meet our criteria for high volume hours.   Similar to Guaranteed Hours, this rate is provided to This arrangement provides an incentive to the customer for allowing us to fill a full-day and long-term assignment.  As a freelance interpreter, no doubt you understand the benefit of having consistent, full-day work.  Therefore, the interpreter is likewise paid a discounted rate (a reduction of $5 on the hourly rate) as outlined in the Independent Contract Service Agreement (ICSA).  Many interpreters have found this arrangement to be mutually beneficial.


If you are a subcontractor for HIS Sign and you earned $600 or more you will receive a 1099.

Please contact Jen Ilgenfritz at Jen@HISSign.com with your request and she will respond within 48 hours.

The 1099’s are mailed out on or before January 31st as required by the IRS.  Please allow 7-10 business days for arrival by the USPS.

You will need to submit an updated W-9 ASAP if any of the above information changes at any time.  You can click on the following link to fill out a new W-9. http://hissign.com/interpreter-w9

We appreciate your concern on the safety of your Social Security Number and please know that we safeguard all of your information.  In practice the IRS will not accept a EIN with a person’s name – even if the person properly obtained the EIN from the IRS.  The IRS has consistently mailed out letters to the company filing the 1099’s claiming the information does not match the IRS records.  The letter then leads to the fines and penalties that can and will be assessed to the issuing company if the information is not corrected. His Signs should not be subject to fines and penalties and the IRS should provide a way for you to use your EIN – but they have not at this point.  Therefore we suggest that you use your Social Security number with your name or use your business name with your EIN.

Please contact Jen Ilgenfritz at Jen@HISSign.com with your request and mailing information and she will mail you a copy via USPS.

Please contact Jen Ilgenfritz at Jen@HISSign.com and she will respond within 48hours to your questions.