ASL Services in Jefferson County, West Virginia

HIS Sign is an industry leader providing affordable sign language interpreting services to support full and equal communication access between hearing and Deaf consumers. Boasting an extensive network of interpreting professionals, HIS Sign has a reputation for providing world class services to its clients.


HIS Sign provides Jefferson County, West Virginia with interpreting services in a full array of settings, including educational, government, medical, private, commercial, community and much more. Our network of service providers are highly qualified interpreters who have a strong grasp of communication and cultural competencies to provide superior services to our customers and clients in a variety of modalities for any occasion.

Superior ASL Services

Our Jefferson County, West Virginia services are available at any time of day in any setting, for every occasion with specializations in educational and medical interpreting. In addition, our services are available onsite and remotely, through our signature Virtual Interpreting Service (VIS).


Under the umbrella of sign language services, we also provide Deaf Interpreting, Pidgin Signed English (PSE), Signed Exact English (SEE), Tactile interpreting, Oral transliteration, and Cued Speech transliteration. We also offer interpreting of recorded videos! Our Scheduling Team can expertly assist to secure the best service, tailored to fit the needs and preferences of our clients across Jefferson County, West Virginia.

The HIS Sign Advantage

HIS Sign leads the industry with our premier services and technology coupled with our superior customer service that is accurate, responsive, and affordable.  

Take the 90 Second Learning Challenge

American Sign Language (ASL) is one of the more commonly used languages in the US, with over 2 million users. Being able to accurately communicate with this large population is extremely important! See how sign language services through HIS Sign can be a viable communication tool for you. Take the 90 second learning challenge and watch this video to learn more!


Deaf individuals have the right to a qualified interpreter. Privacy, ethics, and comfortability of the Deaf individual are concerns that must be recognized, especially in emergency or highly emotional settings.  In addition, businesses, and organizations risk liability issues if mistakes, errors, or omissions occur during the encounter.  Such risks can negatively impact decisions resulting in serious illness or injury of the Deaf individual as well as fiscal liabilities to your organization. Writing notes does not constitute an effective means of working with a Deaf individual.

HIS Sign performs a rigorous screening and evaluation for all interpreters seeking to work with us and provide services to our customers. This screening includes a performance evaluation of signing and voicing skills in three different scenarios in addition to a review to assess ethical and critical thinking abilities. HIS Sign also conducts a comprehensive background check on all of our interpreters. Over 85% of our interpreters have obtained certifications at the state and national level. Our experienced Scheduling Department will work diligently to match each assignment with the best possible interpreting fit. 

Interpreting services are usually billed on an hourly basis with a two-hour minimum for onsite services, and one hour for remote services. Charges are billed per interpreter for teamed assignments. Hourly rates vary based on factors such as complexity, type of assignment, volume of hours, time of services requested, as well as the timeliness of the request. HIS Sign will send an electronic invoice, usually within 7-10 business days after the assignment. For information regarding our rates and policies, please contact us at

If there is a schedule change, you can email and our Scheduling Team will be happy to assist you. Please be sure to ask about our cancellation policy when requesting an interpreter. Generally, cancellations within 48 business hours are billable.

We strive to work with interpreters who strictly adhere to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC). Interpreters must treat all information learned during the interpretation as confidential.

For information on pricing, services and more, submit your information below and a HIS Sign Representative will contact you shortly!

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak,

HIS Sign is now offering Virtual Interpreting Services (VIS) to assist our clients and the deaf community.