Interpreted Video Services in Nebraska

With the recent explosion of recorded videos, online lectures, training materials, webinars, recorded video conferences, town hall meetings, and the use of YouTube channels, HIS Sign can provide interpreted video services that will result in your videos being more accessible to an even more diverse group of clients. HIS Sign provides customizable solutions to match your unique and individual needs with our quality video interpreting services.

HIS Sign provides Nebraska unique video interpreting services. Our network of service providers are highly qualified interpreters who have a strong grasp of communication and cultural competencies to provide superior services to our customers and clients in Nebraska.

Quality Video Interpreting Production Services

HIS Sign provides high-quality interpreted video services in Nebraska to provide access to all your audio and video content. Interpreting recorded videos or audio enhances the user experience for sign language users, as the interpreter can be added to the video as an overlay, or side by side, to make them visible throughout the entire video stream. It can also be shown on full screen video when created for audio files.

For those who communicate primarily in American Sign Language (ASL), at times it is less preferable or not possible for them to read and understand text at the rate it is presented in captions. For these individuals it is important to provide sign language presentation of the spoken content.

Interpreted Videos have numerous benefits:

Interpreted video services. ASL interpreter added to video as overlay.

The HIS Sign Advantage

HIS Sign leads the industry with our premier services and technology coupled with our superior customer service that is accurate, responsive, and affordable.  We Provide:

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Take the 90 Second Learning Challenge

The addition of a sign language interpreter to a recorded video allows Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing viewers to have an equivalent experience for both video and audio media.

If you are in need of video interpreting services in  Nebraska, see how interpreted videos at HIS Sign can be a viable communication tool for you. Take the 90 second learning challenge and watch this video to learn more!


Video interpreting production takes the high-resolution recorded sign language interpretation of a video and embeds it into the original video media to make it accessible to sign language users. The interpreter can be added to the original video as an overlay, or side by side. This is a great option for recorded training videos, webinars, commercials and more!

Sign language provides intonation, emotion, and other interpretation of text that may not be accurately expressed via written text. For people who primarily communicate using sign language, the use of sign language interpreted video presentations may be preferred with or in lieu of captions.

Written text is a second language for those whose first language is sign language. People who are native signers or communicate extensively in sign language may comprehend content in sign language faster and more accurately than when reading written text in captions. Sign language interpreting creates a richer experience as it provides emotion and intonation that is not represented with captions alone.

HIS Sign’s Interpreted Video services are ideal for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals that are native signers, as it allows them to watch the video in their native language. It helps them to comprehend the content faster and more accurately than when they are reading the written text in captions. Interpreted video complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.  

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