Video Captioning & Interpreting

With the recent explosion of recorded videos, HIS Sign can provide captioning and interpreting services to its diverse group of clients. Video captioning and interpreting each have their own use, benefits, and requirements. Yet, they can also work together to create audio and video content that is accurate, accessible, and user-friendly. The HIS Sign Team can provide customizable solutions to match your unique and individual needs.

Premier Video Captioning & Interpreting Services

HIS Sign provides high-quality video captioning and interpreting services. The services work to provide access to audio and video content. Captioning converts speech or audio into written text, then divides the text into caption frames to synchronize timing with the audio.

Interpreted recorded videos enhances the user experience for sign language users, as the interpreter can be added to the video as an overlay to make them visible throughout the entire video stream. To learn more about interpreting pre-recorded videos, click here.

Video captioning and interpreting has numerous benefits:

The HIS Sign Advantage

HIS Sign leads the industry with our premier services and technology coupled with our superior customer service that is accurate, responsive, and affordable.  

Let HIS Sign be a part of your communication solution!

Take the 90 Second Learning Challenge

Accurate captions allow Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing viewers to have an equivalent experience which follows the ADA and Rehabilitation Act. Captioning also allows all viewers to watch live and pre-recorded videos even when in a sound sensitive environment.

See how captioning and transcriptions at HIS Sign can be a viable communication tool for you. Take the 90 second learning challenge and watch this video to learn more!


Video captioning services convert spoken word into readable text accompanied with a video image. Captioning services by HIS Sign goes beyond automated speech recognition (ASR) generated subtitles providing a fully engaging experience.

Video interpreting production takes the recorded sign language interpretation and allows it to be embedded into the original video media to make it accessible to sign language users. The interpreter can be added to the original video as an overlay. This is a great option for prerecorded training videos, webinars, commercials and more! For people who primarily communicate using sign language, the use of sign language interpreted video presentations may be preferred with or in lieu of captions.

Captioning and interpreting your videos provide accessibility that meets legal compliance requirements.  The user experience is enhanced as the audience can fully grasp visual content making it more interactive and expressive. In addition, captioning and interpreting services can boost your SEO making your video content more accessible!

Everyone can benefit from videos with captions! Captioning services are ideal for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and English as a Second Language users.  Many people enjoy viewing videos but may not be in a position to play the audio if they are in a noisy or sound-sensitive environment.

People who are native signers or communicate extensively in sign language may comprehend content in sign language faster and more accurately than when reading written text in captions. Sign language interpreting creates a richer experience as it provides emotion and intonation that is not represented with captions alone.

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