Becoming Compliant to work at Inova Hospitals as an ASL Interpreter

Becoming Compliant to work at Inova Hospitals as an ASL Interpreter

Are you interested in taking on more medical assignments in the Northern Virginia area? We have been working with our partners at Inova and are excited to announce we will now broadcast Advanced Notice Requests for assignments during the day and evening hours.

Advanced Notice requests and On-Call schedules are now available to all INOVA compliant interpreters! 

The Scheduling Department acknowledges that these health, safety and ethical requirements can be extensive, but we are here each step of the way. If interested, a complete outline of all requirements will be provided. 

Qualifications: (must meet one of the following)

  • EIPA 3.5 or Higher
  • VQAS 3-2 or Higher
  • RID Certification

 Type of Assignments:

  • Advanced Notice Medical Appointments
  • Last Minute Emergency Requests
  • On-Call Hours

 Compliancy Requirements

  • Health Compliancy (proof of immunity and color blind test)
  • Security Compliancy (Background Check and Drug Screening)
  • Ethical Compliancy (online learning modules)

If you meet the qualifications, are interested in these types of assignments and are willing to complete the compliancy requirements, fill out the form below, email us at or call us at 877-886-8879 x2 to begin the compliancy process.

Check out our “Specialty Page” for other options to learn more about our other interpreter pools to get more work through HIS Sign!

Soon you too can be providing medical services at Inova Hospitals through HIS Sign!

The HIS Sign Team