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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Below are some of the frequently asked questions we've received.

Will I receive a 1099?

If you are a subcontractor for HIS Sign and you earned $600 or more you will receive a 1099.

What if I do not know if I earned $600 or more?

Please contact Jen Ilgenfritz at with your request and she will respond within 48 hours.



When will I receive my 1099?

The 1099’s are mailed out on or before January 31st as required by the IRS.  Please allow 7-10 business days for arrival by the USPS.

What if my address, name or identification information has changed?

You will need to submit an updated W-9 ASAP if any of the above information changes at any time.  You can click on the following link to fill out a new W-9.

I am concerned about the safety of my social security number. How do I know if I should use my social security number or employer identification number when filling out the W-9?

We appreciate your concern on the safety of your Social Security Number and please know that we safeguard all of your information.  In practice the IRS will not accept a EIN with a person’s name – even if the person properly obtained the EIN from the IRS.  The IRS has consistently mailed out letters to the company filing the 1099’s claiming the information does not match the IRS records.  The letter then leads to the fines and penalties that can and will be assessed to the issuing company if the information is not corrected. His Signs should not be subject to fines and penalties and the IRS should provide a way for you to use your EIN – but they have not at this point.  Therefore we suggest that you use your Social Security number with your name or use your business name with your EIN.

What if I lose my current 1099 or need a copy of a previous year 1099?

Please contact Jen Ilgenfritz at with your request and mailing information and she will mail you a copy via USPS.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact Jen Ilgenfritz at and she will respond within 48hours to your questions.

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