The HIS Sign Team Is Looking for Qualified TypeWell Transcribers

Typist/Transcriber (Full/Part Time Positions Available)

If you are an experienced TypeWell Transcriber, please click the button below:


HIS Sign is looking for quick typists with strong listening and grammar skills. This position requires passing a proprietary qualifying typing test with a minimum typing speed of 60 wpm with no errors.

This is NOT an office job! As a Qualified TypeWell Transcriber, you will provide TypeWell services in classrooms at high schools, colleges and universities located throughout the DMV. Your customers will typically include the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, people with Asperger’s, Autism, and other disabilities.

Core Job Functions

  • Capture spoken content (Primarily English), meaning for meaning, into a written form, using the TypeWell software
  • Create a high level, easy to read transcript for your students
  • Provide impartial services while maintaining confidentiality
  • Prepare in advance for providing services in a plethora of learning environments
  • Identify and upload specific vocabulary that will be used in classrooms


  • Highly proficient in the English language
  • Excellent Time Management skills
  • Ability to troubleshoot computer or networking problems with or without support
  • Comfortable with communicating by text, phone or email
  • Have your own transportation for travel from your home to locations throughout the DMV
  • Require little to no supervision
  • Always arrive to classes on time
  • Have a passion for making a difference in someone’s life
  • We are not currently hiring typists/transcribers who wish to provide remote services only

Skills & Qualifications

  • Online Training is provided using a self-paced (some deadlines), proprietary course
  • High language comprehension
  • Organized with a strong attention to detail
  • Be a self-starter
  • Reliable with the ability to work independently
  • A background check will be performed
  • College degree or experience preferred
  • Interested in and willing to learn new things and accept new challenges

What we will provide for you:

  • An awesome team to work with and who will support you from day one
  • Paid training
  • Company provided laptop
  • A flexible schedule that changes every few months
  • Annual Software license paid
  • Paid bi-weekly using direct deposit
  • A perk of this position is that you leave directly from your home, go to your assigned work location, and provide services


The salary range for this position is between $20K-40K. Salary will depend upon both your experience and your availability. We will be offering different shifts for this position and your starting salary will depend on the shift you accept. We will get into more detail about this during your interview.

If you’d like more information before you make your decision, an FAQ for this position can be found at Further details on HIS Sign’s TypeWell services can be found at

If Interested

                                                                         ****PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION BELOW****

If you have an interest in this position, can meet the listed expectations, believe you have the above skills and qualifications and want to work for a company that truly cares about their employees, please follow the steps below to begin the qualification process.

In order to qualify for this position, you must pass a proprietary qualifying typing test with a minimum typing speed of 60 wpm with no errors. Be aware that failure of this test will lock your account, preventing you from retaking it for 30 days. Because of this, our recommendation is that prior to taking the qualification test, you practice using one of the many free typing tests available on the internet.

Once you have prepared, click on the following link to start your qualification test:

Create Your Application Account

On this application page, you should enter your full name and your personal email address. At the completion of the test you will be prompted for your “Sponsors Information”. Please enter “”.

IMPORTANT: If you use any other email address other than that shown above, we will not be able to use your results and you will not move forward in the hiring process.

Please see the below video for step by step instructions on creating a TypeWell account:

We thank you for your interest in this position. Because we expect to receive an overwhelming amount of responses to this posting, we will not accept any questions from candidates until you pass the qualifying test and we receive your test results.

If you pass the qualification test, we will immediately email you to request your resume. Once your resume is received, we will set up an interview during which time we will answer any and all questions you may have.

If we decide to move forward and you accept our offer, you will begin your paid training. Training typically takes between 9-12 weeks, can be performed from your home and is online and self-paced (some deadlines).

If you would like to know more about HIS Sign LLC, please visit our website at HIS Sign is an equal opportunity employer