TypeWell Service in Virginia - a Real-Time Transcription Service Offered by HIS Sign!

TypeWell provides equal, accurate and real-time speech-to-text transcription services.  TypeWell is ideal for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities as well as people with autism, auditory processing disorders, and other communication needs.  This service is used in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, business meetings, conferences and more around Virginia!

TypeWell is more than a closed-captioning service.  A transcriber uses the TypeWell software system to capture spoken content and generates an immediate meaning-for-meaning transcript that the consumer can view in real-time using any computer, laptop or mobile device with access to a web browser.

Using advanced abbreviation software, a TypeWell transcriber is able to facilitate communication allowing the consumer to fully participate.  The text is transmitted to the consumer’s screen in real time and is available for the duration of the event.  After the class, meeting or discussion, a transcript is emailed to the consumer within 24 hours and is a great study and review tool for those in Virginia!

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